How to Play Rock Keyboard

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So, you know the basics of playing piano, but you are really a rocker at heart. You want to learn how to really play keys in a Rock & Roll band. Well, lets get started!!!!!!(DISCLAIMER: This article assumes you already know a little musical theory the basics of playing piano, such as notes, chords, keys, etc, and is NOT a tutorial on how to play piano.)

  1. Become pretty proficient at playing piano. everyone has their own opinion on what proficient is, but judge yourself. Do you think you are a good player? Do you think your ready to kick it up a notch? If so, then continue!!!!
  2. Start exploring other keyboard instruments.
    • Acoustic piano is the most basic instrument that nearly every keyboardist starts out learning on. As I have already expressed, know it well!!!! And once you do start experimenting. Foot pedals for effects are important when you are playing rock piano. Also study up on electric piano, which is not much different from acoustic piano, but does have a few various effect that you will want to learn. Electric and a acoustic piano are very important instruments for a rock keyboardist to know well.
  3. Get very well acquainted with the Hammond organ or a similar "Hammond clone" and really learn how to use that thing!!!! Drawbars, percussion, Leslie control, etc. A good console will be your best friend as a rock keyboardist. Whether you are playing Progressive, Light, Pop, Arena, Jazz Fusion, or Psychedelic.
  4. Become a pro at the synthesizer! This is an extremely important instrument in ALL sub-genres in Rock!! Now it should be a little easier then learning the organ, (less controls, keys, etc), but you still have to know what your doing. If you have a quality synth from a good manufacturer, you should be able to figure the controls out with the instruction manual. All synths are different, so be prepared to get thrown a curve ball if youve been using a Roland for 5 years and someone sits you down at a Korg!
  5. Learn other miscellaneous instruments as you wish. These are like accordion, harmonica, mellotron, etc. All of these different instruments have their own place in certain sub-genres of rock. Learn whichever ones you deem necessary and think you are up for.
  6. Learn some non-keyboard stuff too!!! Work on your singing voice, because almost all rock bands use their instrumentalists as back-up vocalists. Also, if you have perfected vocals and many keyboard instruments, start learning some basic guitar. Bands will love you if you are an amazing keyboardist and can also play a second or third guitar part when needed!!! Get started on an acoustic, then work your way up to electric rhythm guitar. It will come in handy.
  7. Have fun! Being a rock keyboardist can be the most enjoyable thing in your life! Try to join a band! Do fun things! Get payed for doing something you love!


  • Really know how to play piano before you attempt this feet.
  • Get ready to drop some dough! Playing keyboards is a costly position! Look for bargains on instruments, but do not buy garbage! But instruments with as much quality as you can afford from reputable brands.
  • Be ready to be a multi-instrumentalist!!

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